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How To Start Hiring

To use the relevant freelancers, the employer puts the job description he needs online in the easiest and fastest process of filling in a form. Each freelancer will therefore be able to access the job described and send you a personalized proposal.
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Getting Into Business

To find freelancers who perform the necessary tasks for a customer, the employer or applicant accesses the online site and uploads the description of the job for which they need help. This description includes the freelancer's level of competence, the place of performance for the job, the length of time the employer considers necessary to perform the task and the amount the employer proposes for the task. Through this site, the employer and the freelancer can discuss the terms of the contract.
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Making Serious Profit

The employer receives all the proposals from freelancers; he can then compare them and evaluate which offer is the most satisfying and then establish a reasoned choice based on the profit he aims for by this job with the objective of collaborating instantly by making a deposit.
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How To Be Hired

Start Today For a Great Future

Thanks to digital technology you can be hired by companies in foreign countries in the simple way that exists, you can work in your room or in a place that suits you best. allows you to find job opportunities and earn a living with your skills

No commission is required, employment opportunities are full-time, part-time or salaried

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Start Today For a Great Future
  • how do i get paid?

    On freelancers are paid directly without going through our platform, after you have agreed with the employer you can agree on the payment method of your choice Here is a list of payment platforms that work very well in Africa:

  • When do i get paid?

    It all depends on what you and your employer have agreed. Normally, you can be paid every two weeks or once a month. However, we recommend that workers request weekly pay at the time of hiring to limit the risk of having to work for a new employer.

  • How do i get a job?

    To find a job online, you must have an account on, please provide as much information as possible; the more information you have, the more likely you are to be hired. Once your profile is ready, you can apply for a job, which is preferable, or wait for employers to contact you..

  • Do i need a  degree to be a freelancer?

    No. You can simply graduate from a technical course or high school that has accumulated enough skills to work online. Online job is also in partnership with several academies in all countries, you can go there and get your certification in a specific field