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Why onlinejob.africa

Indeed, the African population will increase from 1 to 1.6 billion people between 2010 and 2030, reaching 19% of the world population. In both West and Central Africa, people under the age of 25 already represent 64% of the population; an age group with an average unemployment rate of 60%. The fact is well known: these young people face employment problems, which leads some to turn toward emigration. 

We strongly believe that Africa has a wealth of human capital that is not negligible internationally and that its youth will be a major player in the 4th industrial generation.

We have worked for several organizations in Europe and America in the digital field, which has allowed us to feed our families, pay for our sisters' schools and above all help our governments in the fight against poverty without leaving our country. We understand that Africa has an ideal workforce for organizations that want quality solutions, in record time and at an affordable cost.

Believing in our skills is believing in our future

Giving employment to a skilled African means participating in the development of an entire continent.

This is why we created onlinejob.africa: to help millions of young people find jobs and help organizations and companies realize their wildest dreams with skilled Africans and thus have a win-win relationship between Africa and the rest of the world.